Hey Khan, Your job is toilets and parking, not BREXIT or Trump

A deliberate effort to embarrass London

The London mayor recently called on MPs from all parties to set aside their political careers and consider supporting soft Brexit Lords amendments as they return to the Commons in votes that he said were as significant as those that took Britain into the Iraq war.

Sadiq Khan in effect added his voice to those calling on Jeremy Corbyn to oppose Britain’s departure from the single market as he said MPs should ‘be brave’ and support EU withdrawal bill amendments in the coming weeks….. wait

This sounds like a normal Guardian Newspaper report so far doesn’t it? Because it is.

The problem with this is that Sadiq Khan does not and should not be speaking for Great Britain. Khan should not be ‘calling upon’ YOUR elected MP to vote this way or that. To support this issue or that one.

Khan is apparently voted for as mayor by the people of London alone, and that is all. Khan has no mandate and should have no influence at all in any local issue, apart from London, or the affairs of State.

He should also have no platform either but is regularly affording one by the bias, Left-Wing media of Great Britain whose ever diminishing numbers, in terms or readers and viewers, has failed to alert them to the notion that the mainstream media will be out of business within a decade.

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But that’s their problem, who cares?

What should concern us is that they are continuing to provide the pipsqueak, lying Khan a NATIONAL platform and, therefore, a NATIONAL influence.

And if that is to be the case then it is quite right that everybody in the country should be asked how they feel about him representing their interests.

If the position of Mayor of London is to be made so nationally important to the interest of Great Britain then everybody in the country should have their vote counted.

Why shouldn’t the people of Doncaster, Manchester, Guildford and Leeds be asked how they feel about Siddiq Khan’s views on BREXIT, TRUMP or IMMIGRATION if he is to be given a platform upon which can can claim to speak for us all.

And yet he does have the national platform to share those views in a way that is not extended to the person YOU voted for. Unless that person happens to be Jacob Rees Mogg.

We already voted for somebody to represent us on these issues, and it wasn’t Khan.

But a national vote for Mayor of London will never happen. Because those in power know very well that to put the position of Khan to a vote anywhere outside the loony, left Wing echo chamber London has become, then Khan will be out on his backside the following morning. And in silent obscurity, where he belongs.

But Whitehall doesn’t seem to want that and we can’t help wondering why. Why don’t the Tories challenge him on every issue. Who IS the opposition in London? Who is calling this clown to account…?

Calls for a national vote in respect to the position of Mayor of London have been heard before. And the government responded, in January 2018, with this statement outlining Khan’s job description;

The London Mayor serves Londoners. The Mayor is responsible for much of London’s public transport and road network, the licensing of its taxis and regulation of its traffic.

The Mayor also has responsibilities for London’s environment, its housing, planning, regeneration and economic development.

Through the Mayor’s office for Policing and Crime the Mayor performs the duties of Police and Crime Commissioner for London; the Mayor is also responsible for fire and rescue services in the capital.

The Mayor of London is accountable directly to London’s electorate for his decisions. It is London households who pay the additional precept set by the Mayor, which is charged to meet the Mayor’s costs, over and above each London Borough’s council tax bill.

It is essential that those who are affected by the mayor’s taxing decisions have a direct, democratic choice on who the Mayor is, and the ability, if they choose, to elect a different one at the next opportunity.

The Mayor of London then governs in the awareness that their electoral mandate comes directly from the people the mayor serves.

A London Mayor whose electoral mandate comes from the whole nation may seek to serve the interests of voters in the UK as a whole, rather than those of Londoners.

If elected by the UK voters as a whole, mayor would no longer be representative of the city the mayor is elected to govern.

When Government devolves significant powers to an area, as it has with the London Mayor, and with mayors of other city regions such as Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, it has done so on the basis that the mayors are directly accountable through the ballot box to the area they govern and serve.

The current Conservative government presumably feels this statement puts an end to any call for ALL British citizens to have a say in the choice for Mayor of London.

But it also raises the question of why Khan is assuming such a far higher responsibility than his elected position allows for.

It says it right here – public transport, traffic, taxis, housing, policing, utilities and the like – in London alone.

And if you bothered to read it you will have noticed it also expressly points out the Mayor of London DOES NOT serve the interests of people outside the capital city and to extend the vote might present such an opportunity.

It doesn’t say anything about BREXT, state visits by the President of the United States, immigration policy or anything else in the national interest. Those issues are well above his pay-grade and, as he ably demonstrates, far above his child-like level of political dexterity too.

So why is he assuming otherwise and, more importantly, why is he being given a national platform to do so?

1.3 million people in London voted for Siddiq Khan, which means 65.2 million people in Britain didn’t. And 17.4 million people voted for BREXIT, dwarfing Khan’s representative vote. As some would say, ‘we could drown them all in our urine.’

It is not Khan’s business to be calling upon YOUR elected MP to do this and that. The Tories among you might well be wondering why your Government hasn’t already told him to sit down, shut up and stop interfering with Foreign Policy.

But they clearly haven’t because he continues to do so. And will do until the already embarrassed voters of London throw him out on his backside and into the obscurity he came from and should have remained in.

And another thing – stop buying the Guardian.

– Albert Jack

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