America and the clash of the clueless

Dems Raise Money Off Confederate Flag

During 2017 America experienced dozens of violent clashes between two groups of clueless idiots who make no meaningful contribution to society.

Calls for removing any historic symbol that may be connected, however loosely, to the Confederate States of America reached a fever pitch.

Founding father Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and so all honours in his memory must be erased. George Washington himself had slaves on his estate at Mount Vernon and so Washington D.C. must be renamed.

All copies of the Declaration of Independence, written by many slave owners, should be put through the shredder before being thrown into the sea.

Robert E Lee, the catalyst for the violent uprising, fought for the slave owning South during the American Civil War and so his statute must be melted down and turned into an abortion clinic and all Confederate flags burned. Better still, anybody displaying a confederate flag should be burned too.

And there is much, much more. All of it coming from activists connected to the so-called Left of American politics. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are two of the most high profile of these groups whose tactics range from Social Media abuse to murder. From one end of the scale of stupidity to another.

And the only thing these activists have in common with each other is that they associate themselves with, and vote for, the Democrat Party. It is an all-out assault on American history, particularly the Southern Confederacy, which is the current bone of contention, by supporters of the Democrat Party. The home of JFK, Carter, Obama and the Clintons.

However, what they obviously have failed to understand, because none of them pay any attention in school, is that the Confederacy is no more.

The slave owning racists, who are the subject of today’s protests and violence eventually gave up on the Confederacy. Instead, they formed the Democratic-Republican Party.

All of the founders of the Democratic Party were prominent slave holders and racists. Men like the aforementioned Jefferson and 4th President of the United States, James Madison.

All of them were southern plantation owners and slave holders and they formed the party as direct opposition to the Federalists who were men like John Adams and Alexander Hamilton who opposed slavery and were vocal abolitionists.

The Democratic Republicans later became the Democratic Party and the Federalists morphed into the modern Republican Party, led by men like Abraham Lincoln, who went to war against the Democrats in order to abolish slavery.

You see, even during the first half of the 19th century slavery was a hot topic. Slave owners and Democrats in the south regarded slavery as a necessary evil and God’s Will.

Therefore abolition was against the Will of God, as far as they were concerned. Which is, frankly, the go-to excuse for most of history’s brutality.

Another common view held by Democrats at the time was the black race were simply unable to care for themselves, meaning slaves were better off under the care of their masters.

Call it compassion, if you must. Some say it is a view still held by modern Democrats, who still consider themselves ‘masters.’ And compassionate.

This attitude meant early Democrats could publicly insist enslaving African blacks was wrong whilst privately opposing emancipation. And then voting it down.

The tactic meant Democrats could be seen by voters to oppose slavery whilst retaining the support of wealthy slave-owners. And doing their bidding – for pay. It is a tactic still commonly used by Democrats, because it works. Deceit works. It always has.

By contrast, no slave owner has ever voted Republican or supported a Republican principal and this is what led to the American Civil War in the first place, which Lincoln and the Republicans won.

Slavery was then abolished and the southern democrats never forgave them. One of them, of course, soon killed Lincoln because of it.

And since then Democrats have continued to support racist principles in private whilst publicly, and rightly, condemning them.

Democrats introduced the Jim Crow laws that Republicans opposed. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson overturned Republican integration reforms and introduced segregation.

Democrat President Franklin D Roosevelt appointed a senior Ku Klux Klan member, in the shape of Hugo Black, to the Supreme Court.

A move that set Civil Rights back years. This is despite Black once, as a senator, filibustering an anti-lynching bill.

Another KKK leader, Robert Byrd, whom you may of heard about this week, was a prominent Democratic Senator for decades. A vicious, vile racist that Bill Clinton spoke for at his funeral.

Hillary Clinton later said of the Klan man, ‘it is almost impossible to imagine the United States Senate without Robert Byrd. He was not just its longest serving member, he was its heart and soul. From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom.’

Republicans had tried to pass the Civil Rights and Voting Acts since the 1950’s and prominent Democrats like the Kennedy’s always blocked attempts.

It finally took President Johnson, who was also a Democrat, to amend the Acts and pass them. He did it as part of the new Democrat plan to win the black vote.

Black Americans, to this day, believe Democrats in the shape of Johnson gave them voting rights and that it was the Republicans who opposed it. Such is the power of the Democratic media that President Trump calls Fake News.

Indeed the two main beneficiaries of Martin Luther King’s assassination were well-connected Democrats, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, who have both profited immensely from racial tension and violence in America.

The history of the Democratic Party is smeared and smudged with vile racism, hatred, slavery and oppression. To call now for the removal of Confederate statues, flags and monuments that may, or may not, reflect racism in America is one thing.

By which I mean, why not? People can have statues and monuments of whoever they want in their parks and city squares. Put it to the vote, by all means.

But the question is for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other leftist thugs who are hell bent on calling for the ridiculous and attacking the peaceful.

Which is – You do know that Lee, Jefferson, Jackson and most of the signatories on the Declaration of Independence were Democrats don’t you?

And that Confederate flag you want burning and the racism you say it represents were Democrats too.

And that the party you claim to fight for and the dirty history you want to destroy are one and the same thing, you know this right?

No, I know you don’t. – Albert Jack

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